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The Member Status feature can help you track down your business' members and non-members, by looking at your clients' contracts or memberships. In order for this feature to be enabled, you must create one contract through your MINDBODY system. Once this initial contract is created, the Member Status drop-down menu will display on each of your clients' Profile screens, just beneath their client photos. Your system will automatically assign a status (see below) to your clients, but you can also create and assign custom statuses. Member statuses are also displayed on the Membership report.

Client statuses defined

  • System Status: Automatic statuses based on the client's memberships pricing option.
    • Active: The client has an active membership on file.
    • Non-member: The client has never purchased a membership pricing option.
    • Expired: The client has purchased a membership pricing option at least once, but the pricing option has either expired or has been completely used.
    • Suspended: The client had an active contract, but it's currently suspended on the Account Details screen. Clients are also considered suspended if their Profile screen has a scheduling suspension.
    • Terminated: The client had an active contract, but it was terminated on the Account Details screen.
    • Declined: The client’s last automatic payment—covering at least one membership pricing option—has declined. Note: This high-priority status will take precedence over your clients’ status associated with any other memberships that may be on account; meaning, if a client has one active membership on account and one associated with an expired credit card, then his or her status on the client’s Profile screen will be Declined.
  • Custom Status: Statuses that you create and manually assign to a client on their Profile screen. Custom statuses override system statuses.

The logic that this feature uses:

  • Upon the initial sale of a membership, the Member Status feature will be enabled and the Member Status field will be visible on each of your clients' Profile screens.
  • Any client with a non-expired membership pricing option is considered active.
  • Clients with contracts or autopays with count or time pricing options will not be considered active members. Only contracts or autopays with membership pricing option will deem a client as a member.
  • When the drop-down box is set to System Status, then the member status feature looks at the latest change made to the client's status. For example, if a client's membership contract is terminated, but then he or she buys a new membership, the status will change from Terminated to Active.
  • Clients with a custom status will not be affected by the automated status system. To reset a client back to the automated system, you must manually change the member status to System Status in the drop-down box.


Status Log screen

One of the coolest facets of this feature is that it comes with a status log that allows you to see how a client's membership status has changed over time. Since the status log is brand new, it won't display any status changes from the past. But, moving forward, you'll be able to see how clients have drifted in and out of membership statuses over time.
Where is the Status Log?

  1. Look up a client.
  2. On the client's Profile screen, notice the new Member Status information.
  3. Click on the Status Log link.


How do I see a client's membership status?

  1. Look up a client.
  2. On the client's Profile screen, notice the new Member status section.


To create a custom status

Click in the Search for or jump to a client field, and select Advanced client lookup in the menu.


Then, select Tools and click on Client Statuses.




  1. Enter a new status name into the Name field at the top of the Client Status screen.
  2. Click the Add New Client Status button.


To assign a custom status to a client

  1. Look up the client.
  2. On the client's Profile screen, use the drop-down box under Member Status to assign the new status to the client. Note: Your client will remain on the custom status until you manually change their status drop-down box back to System Status.


To reset a client back to the automated status system

  1. Look up the client.
  2. On the client's Profile screen, use the drop-down box under Member Status to assign the client to System Status.


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