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Scheduling Classes

Valorie Sherman
posted this on August 14, 2009 07:06 AM

Almost done! This is the last step to getting your classes and enrollments (workshops) on the schedule. Here you will schedule a start time, start and end dates, and a teacher for the class. 
After you complete this step, your classes will appear when you click on the Classes tab. 


Where to schedule classes & enrollments

After you log in as the owner, visit: Toolbox => Services => Class & Enrollment (Event) Management, click Schedule It! next to the correct Class or Enrollment.

If your site looks like the picture below, then just hit the Home tab and select Management Tools from the submenu. Choose Settings at the top right and click on Class & Enrollment Management under Classic Setup Screens.

Note: If your site looks like the picture below, you can also set up, schedule, and create pricing options to pay for classes all from one screen. Click here to learn more, or skip down to the section on scheduling classes in the new MINDBODY.



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Understanding the Add New Class/Event Schedule screen

Classes are scheduled in blocks. If a class meets at the same time every day (for example, every Monday at 9:30 a.m.) or at the same time for several days of the week (for example, 10 a.m. on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday), then you can just create one schedule block for the class, and it will appear on the schedule until the end date. This type of scheduling is common for most online calendars.
After you choose the class or enrollment (workshop) that you want to schedule, you'll have the following options:

  • Locations: If you have more than one location, you can select the location where this enrollment will be held.
  • Teacher: Choose the main person that teaches this enrollment.
  • Assistant and Assistant 2: (These appear only if enabled on the Class & Enrollment Options screen.) If this class or enrollment (workshop) features an assistant—someone other than the teacher who needs to be tracked for payroll, then you can assign the assistant here. The system allows up to two assistants.
    • Assistants can be enabled on the Class & Enrollment (Event) Options screen by following this path: Toolbox => Setup => Class & Enrollment (Event) Options
    • If your site looks like the picture below, then just hit the Home tab and select Management Tools from the submenu. Choose Settings at the top right and click on Class & Enrollment Options under Service Settings.


  • Teacher pay rate: Earlier, you set up each teacher's pay rate on the "Class / Hourly / Commission Pay Rates" screen. Here you'll tell the system which one of these pay rates you want to use for this class.
  • Assistant pay rate and Assistant 2 pay rate: Each will be paid according to the Rate 1 pay rate listed on each employee's "Class / Hourly / Commission Pay Rates" screen.
  • What is the total capacity?: This is the total amount of people that can take this class or workshop. For classes, the capacity is set to "10" by default.
  • How many people can book online?: This sets the maximum amount of people that can sign up for this class online. If you don't care if this class sells out online, then make it the same as the "Capacity" number. If you don't want this class or enrollment to sell out online, then make it less than the "Capacity." Some businesses that have longstanding clients that don't use the Internet will usually set online booking capacity at less than the total capacity. New businesses trying to sell as much as possible usually set them at the same number. This second arrangement guarantees the most possible sales.
  • Wait List Size: This is the total number of people who may be waitlisted for this class.
  • Start Time: The time of the day that this class starts. If you don't see the times you're looking for, follow this menu path: Manager Tools => Settings => Scheduling Increments to set them up. Click here to learn more. If you know the day that your class will start but you're not sure of its start or end time, then you can choose TBD (to be determined) from the Start Time and End Time dropdown boxes. The class will then appear at the top of the schedule for that day.
  • End Time: Time of the day that this class or enrollment ends. If you don't see the time you're looking for, follow this menu path:  Manager Tools => Settings => Scheduling Increments. Click here to learn more.
  • Start Date: This is the date that the class starts.
  • End Date:This is the date that the class will end.
    • When scheduling classes, it's best to pick a common end date for all classes, such as the end of the year. This way, when the schedule ends, you can choose to block copy the classes (if the majority of scheduled classes will not change). This makes modifications easier. Instead of rescheduling everything over again, or block copying and ending up with duplicated classes, you can block copy all reoccurring classes and then make changes to the classes that need adjusting.
  • Days of the week: Click on the letter for the days of the week that this class or enrollment meet. (S=Sunday, M=Monday, T=Tuesday, W=Wednesday, T=Thursday, F=Friday, S=Saturday)

Optional Features

  • Unpaid Online Signups? If you check this, then your clients can sign up online for classes or enrollments without having to pay. They still need to pay once they arrive at the class.
  • Free Class: If you check this option, the system will not try to collect payment for the class. It will assume that you're offering it pro bono. The change does not apply to clients who have already registered for the class. You will need to remove those clients from the class, and reregister them. This feature does not work with the Courses feature.
  • Show to Public: Check this option to make the class visible in the schedule viewed by the public in Consumer Mode.
  • Mask Teacher: Check this option to hide the teacher's name from the public.
  • Wait Lists: If you enabled wait lists on the Class & Enrollment (Event) Options screen, then you can allow for this class to have a Waitlist. This means that if the class fills up online, people can join the wait list, hoping that someone will drop out. If someone cancels from the class, then the first person on the wait list is notified via auto email that they can join. You can control wait list settings on the Class & Enrollment Options screen.

After you have filled out the options above, you should see the Schedule It! button at the bottom center of the screen. Click this button to put the class on your schedule.

If you use the Room & Resource Management feature, tyour MINDBODY system will prompt you to select a room for your class only if an appropriate room is available during the class times you've selected.
Don't see the Schedule It! button?
Then you probably have Room & Resource Management enabled. The reason that you don't see the button is that the system is giving you a chance to book this class or enrollment with a room (for example, "Room A," "Pilates Reformer Machine," or "Massage Room 2.") If you don't want to schedule this class or enrollment with a room, then simply click on the "Check Resources" button once and then click "Create Class/Event Schedule" without selecting one.

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One more step for enrollments (workshops)

Scheduling enrollments is just like scheduling classes, except you'll also need to assign a pricing option (series) to the enrollment. For example, if you create a "Valentine's Relationship Workshop" that lasts for three days, you need to:

  1. Describe (i.e., create) the enrollment.
  2. Schedule the enrollment.
  3. Create a pricing option (series), which could be called "Valentine's Enrollment Pass" to pay for it.
  4. Assign the pricing option to the enrollment, which you can do by:
    1. Clicking on the Enrollments tab.
    2. Clicking on the Enrollment titled "Valentine's Relationship Enrollment."
    3. Use the dropdown box next to the "Assign Pricing Option (Series)" button to assign the "Valentine's Enrollment Pass" to the enrollment.

This is a requirement only for enrollments because most services that end up on the enrollment screen are one-off events, meaning that they only occur once. This differs from classes, which tend to repeat regularly. Many businesses will allow clients to buy a "10-pass card" pricing option for all of their yoga classes, or workout classes, or dance classes. But with enrollments, the price rarely repeats itself. So, we have you assign a specific pricing option to each specific enrollment. The system won't allow for a random enrollment pricing option to pay for a random enrollment, unless it is assigned to it. This prevents things like a "Football Camp" pricing option being able to pay for a "Staff Retreat" workshop, which might cost different amounts of money.

When you block copy enrollments from one week to another, you can tick a checkbox that brings all of the enrollments' assigned pricing options with it to the new enrollment. This saves you from having to look through all of your pricing options to determine which is the correct match for the enrollment.

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Scheduling classes in the new MINDBODY

If your site looks like the picture below, then you can create, schedule, and set up pricing options to pay for new classes—all on one screen. To begin, just hit the Home tab and select Services & Pricing from the submenu. Then, click the Classes tab on the left.


Find the service category section for the class you want to schedule. Expand it. Click the “Schedule it!” link to the right of the class name. This will bring you to the Manage Schedules screen. Click the “Schedule this class” button at the top right. Then, fill in the scheduling information as follows:


  • Start date: Click in the active field and use the calendar icon to select the class’ start date. Or, enter the start date in the field.
  • Meets on: Click to select the days of the week that you want to schedule the class. Selected days will turn blue. If you make a mistake, just click any day you’ve selected to deselect it.
  • Time: Choose the start time and the end time of each class session. These start and end times will apply to each weekday you selected in the previous step.
  • End date: By default, classes are scheduled to end one full year after their start date. Use the dropdown menu to change the end date. Select “2 years from now” if you expect your class schedule to stay the same in the future. Choose “Specify end date” to select any date you wish. Or, if the class will happen only once on a single day, choose “Class only happens once.” This option sets the class to begin and end on the same day.


  • Staff member: Select the staff member that will teach the class. If you need to add this person to the system, you can do that here. Just select  “Add New” at the bottom of the list, and enter the new staff member’s information in the lightbox that pops up on your screen.
  • Pay rate: Select the pay rate that the staff member should receive for teaching this class. You will need to set up these pay rates in the Staff Management screen.

Class size

  • In the Total capacity box, enter the maximum number of students who can sign up for the class.

Online options

  • Online Scheduling:
    • Tick the “Yes” button to allow clients to sign up for this class online.
    • Tick the “No” button to require clients to come in to your business to sign up for this class.
    • Online capacity: In this box, enter the maximum number of students that can sign up for this class online. You might want to set this number lower than your total capacity to leave room for drop-in clients, or clients who don’t use the internet.


  • Can clients sign up unpaid?
    • Select “Yes” if you want clients to be able to sign up for the class online and pay for it later, when they come in to your business.
    • Select “No” if you want clients to pay for their class when they sign up. This setting requires clients who don’t have an applicable pricing option to buy one in Consumer Mode, using existing account credit or a payment card.
    • Is this a free class?
      • Select “Yes” if you want to offer this class for free to all clients.
      • Select “No” if you want clients to pay for this class. “No” is the default setting.

 Click the Schedule Class button at the bottom right to add the class to the schedule.

The classes you’ve scheduled for each service category will show up in the Classes menu, on the right side of the service category section. Click the “classes scheduled” link to see the details of each class. If you need to edit a scheduled class, just click the class’ date range link to go to the Edit Scheduled Class/Event screen. Here, you can add assistants, change class times, and adjust the days of the week the class is scheduled for.

To learn how to schedule enrollments in the new MINDBODY, click here.

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I scheduled the class or enrollment (workshop), but it's not showing up.

So you scheduled it. But when you click on the Classes or Enrollments tab, you still can't see it?

  • Make sure that the dates on the calendar fall within the dates you scheduled your services.
  • Make sure that you're logged in as owner. If you're logged out and you checked the box that hides classes or events from the public, then you won't be able to see the service.
  • Make sure that the days of the week (S, M, T, W, T, F, S) work with the start and end dates. For example, if you schedule a class for every Monday at 3 p.m. with a start date beginning on the twentieth of the month, but the first Monday isn't until the twenty-third, then the class won't show on the schedule until that first Monday after the start date you set.

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What is the Block Copy Classes Schedule link at the top of the Manage Schedules screen?

Once your current class schedule ends, you can use the Block Copy Class Schedules feature to choose to block copy your classes (if the majority of scheduled classes will not change).  This makes modifications easier, so you don't have to reschedule everything all over again.
Here's how:

Visit: Toolbox => Services => Class & Enrollment Management. Then click the "Manage Schedules" link.

If your site looks like the picture below, then just hit the Home tab and select Management Tools from the submenu. Choose Settings at the top right and click on Manage Schedules under Classic Setup Screens.


  1. Using the filters in the upper left corner, generate the schedules screen the way that you prefer.
  2. Click the 'Block Copy Class Schedules" link under  the "Tasks" menu on the right.
  3. Select a Sunday start date of the week you want to copy.
  4. Select the days of that week you wish copy.
  5. Select the Service Categories of classes you wan to copy.
  6. Check the box if you want to copy assigned Pricing Options.
  7. Select the new Start and End Dates for your new schedule of classes.
  8. Click on 'Preview' to review all the block of classes to be rescheduled.
  9. Click on Execute.

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Want to watch the tutorial on scheduling classes? Click to view it here:




To assign a costume to a class or enrollment and use the Costume Tracking feature, click here.

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